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 Welcome to the Pimp My Band website - your last stop for Band Backing Tracks.

Here you can find the tools to take your band's sound to a whole new level, while expanding your repertoire with songs you never thought possible to reproduce live.

Pimp My Band is a leading supplier of professionally sequenced tracks to bands and corporate acts worldwide. The tracks are programmed specifically to enhance live bands - no fade-outs or fake saxophone melody guides here! Cutting edge equipment combined with skilled musicianship can seamlessly take even a 3 piece band to new levels of professionalism. These are not your standard MIDI files found all over the internet, which are limited to a bank of 128 sounds. The technology employed by Pimp My Band is comparable to that of the commercial recording studios that produced the originals.

But don't just take our word for it, here is some feedback from satisfied clients:-

"...Tracks are all great. Thanks for your patience and great service, answering my questions, sending me samples and of course sending me the tracks so promptly! Will turn to you again for sure.."

Tim, Just Dance (Toronto, CAN)

"...These tracks are AMAZING, thanks, my band has never sounded better!"

Mark, Chip Shop Boys (Gloucestershire, UK)

"...I must say you are the best! These tracks are off the hook. You really hit a home run on these sounds. They are everything I imagined and more."

Tony, Men From Marz (Chicago, US)

"...It's always a pleasure dealing with you and the tracks are the best I have ever come across. Thanks so much once again."

Maurice, Mimic (Melbourne, AUS)

Band Backing Tracks consist of a music track on one channel to add to the main mix and a click track on the other for the drummer to keep in sync with. The only equipment required is an MP3 player and a small mixer or headphone amp. An example of a suitable band lineup would be live Drums, Bass and Guitar.

Feel free to browse the catalog for material that suits your band. Requests are also encouraged to make sure that we are on the pulse with the latest charts. For any further queries or questions don't hesitate to drop us an email.

Let us Pimp YOUR Band to a new standard of excellence!

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